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LAFER brand Model KSD 400. Cylinder width 2,400 mm. year 2011

Speed ​​from 4 – 45 m/min. Production 1,200 – 1,800 mt/h.

·        Composed of Entrance with Dogal centering device, Compaction and Stabilization Section passing to Finished Decatizing Section. And to the Cooling Section – Conditioning.

·        Exit by Folder and Big batcher for A-Frame. .

·        The K-Multiprocess stabilizing machine is highly innovative and versatile due to the possibility of treating:

Flat woven, brushed or carded, of the traditional wool type, either 100% wool or blends, such as

wool-polyester, wool- silk and others.

Cotton fabrics

Mesh fabrics in all possible types of natural fiber, such as cotton, wool, etc., or artificial and synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon,

as well as elastics in general and the entire range of mixed fibers.

Lafer Stabilization Machine with Felt Compaction and Decatizing unit.

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